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About Lark Lane Pottery

Pouring jugs by Eniko Kovacs

Pouring jugs by Eniko Kovacs


Lark Lane Pottery has a friendly community feel and is open to beginners, enthusiasts and developing potters. 


The Pottery is part of the Lark Lane Community Centre at the Old Police Station on Lark Lane, postcode L17 8UU. The Pottery is accessed from the first door on the side street, Sefton Grove.  The pottery is located in the old cells  so the layout can be a little impractical, but workable, at busy times.


The pottery is run by John Parker (who has been there for many years) and John Ayling (who joined relatively recently). 

What we offer

We provide space, tools and equipment for you to realise your projects in clay. We provide facilities for working on the wheel (7 spaces) and for hand-building by coiling, 'slabbing' or modelling (9-10 spaces). We use red earthenware clay body and generally try to offer this ‘soft’ for throwing and 'firm' for hand-building. 

We have a limited number of coloured slips that can be applied to a finished pot prior to drying in order to achieve a different surface colour. We have underglaze colours that can be painted onto 'biscuit-fired' white slip for use underneath a transparent glaze. We have about 8 glazes in use at any one time for achieving different colours and effects.

If you are a complete beginner we will be glad to help get you started by showing you basic techniques for making pots on the wheel and by hand-building. Please go to our New-Starters’ page for more information...


We have 60 to 70 people using the pottery each week and we do our best to make sure everybody’s work is fired withing a week, or two of being put in the kiln room for firing. From time to time we may need to ask that you bear with us as our kilns may be full to capacity. In general we are unable to fire large volumes of repeat work from skilled throwers. We have some molds for slab molding which are offer as an extra if you intend to decorate (scraffito or under-glaze painting), the ware at the pottery; we do ask for your understanding in only using the molds to make up to a couple of plates per session. Please talk to us before embarking on particularly large items.


The pottery is open for sessions as follows :

Tuesday 7-9pm

Wednesday 10-12am and 1-3pm

Thursday 7-9pm

Saturday 12-2pm and 3-5pm